"Why I am running for City Council"
   I have called Cincinnati home for nearly all of my life. I Love my Hometown!!! Cincinnati's multicultural heritage is strong in faith and pride, which reflects our demeanor as Americans. America is a melting pot of people of different cultures. Those people fled their nations for the chance to share in the freedoms our forefathers secured for us.

  I am a first-generation small business owner in the construction field. My company is called Proper Plumbing & Electrical LLC. I created my company because I truly care about my customers receiving the best service for an affordable price. I take pride in everything I do, working with Integrity and Professionalism. Being Trustworthy with a meticulous nature for perfection is what I strive for, hence the name and my motto is:

  Over the years I have served many Cincinnati suburbs. I have seen the slow deterioration of most city neighborhoods. Our leadership, both past and present, seemed determined to squeeze city suburbs of basic protection services and repairs. They misappropriated suburb funds in order to fund their Progressive Special Interest projects. These gimmicks and deceptive ways don't provide a strong foundation for the posterity of all Cincinnati neighborhoods.
"The only way is the Proper way"
  I Do Not support wasting money on unnecessary projects, when we have an ongoing budget deficit problem and an under-funded pension plan. I'm against selling of profitable city parking assets, the Responsible Bidder Act, executive raises and benefit expansions for unmarried significant others. I oppose: Proposals of $130,000 for each outdoor frost-proof toilet facility in select area's, Over $250,000 for solar trash compactor cans, the Mayor's $500 gas allowance (which he sued the city to get), and definitely against the STREETCAR. The current City Council Democratic majority has been strong-arming the utility companies to raise their utility rates. Cincinnati and County residents will be forced to pay these utility rate increases for the underestimated construction costs of the streetcar. This utility increase comes at a time when the people have to severely budget just to survive. 

 The STREETCAR is nothing more than a UNION SPECIAL INTEREST ANCHOR tied around the feet of all Cincinnatians, drowning them in a rising tide of taxes to keep the STREETCAR viable. It is a monumentally BAD investment decision for Cincinnatians (unless you are the union reaping the contracts). We now have first-hand knowledge of the seven city council members who put UNION SPECIAL INTERESTS ahead of the people of Cincinnati. Why is the Democratic majority on City Council always throwing minorities and middle class under the bus, while preaching progress? One word: "MONEY". Money for their political campaign coffers. These Progressive Democratic Majority currently serving on City Council are nothing more than snake oil salesmen using bait and switch business tactics. I am ashamed I once called myself a BLUE-DOG Democrat. Cincinnatians: I won't make that mistake again! I’m a blue-collar worker that will fight for fairness for the workers; however, UNIONS MUST BE REFORMED, not destroyed. Unions play a vital role for blue-collar workers. Several of my family members work in Public and Private Unions. When UNIONS were created for blue collar workers, they truly were beautiful things. Over the years that beauty has morphed into a beast of unyielding corruption. The insidious relationship between the POLITICIANS and UNIONS MUST BE SEVERED in order to insure the truest form of a representative republic like ours.

   We have heard the running joke. "A politicians will kiss your baby and steal his sucker behind your back." That means there is a trust issue with politicians. It's all our fault. We voted for these Politicians and did not pay attention to their philosophy and policies. 
 I say,
 I'm NOT a POLITICIAN and will not succumb to Political Correctness. Facts are Truths, and Truths should be told no matter what the issue. I'm a self-made American blessed with common sense, critical thinking and the "can-do" spirit. I'm not wealthy by any monetary means. I grew up in a middle-class Cincinnati neighborhood, working hard for everything I own. I am just an average Joe.

 In my life, I have learned a leader leads by example. If elected to City Council, I will instruct the City to reduce my yearly council member salary by a total of $20,000. (a pay reduction of over 30%), and will instruct them to use that savings to avoid laying off POLICE and FIREFIGHTERS or to pay down the budget deficit. I will push to reduce all white-collar high-end pay scales 20% for the Mayor, City Council members and City Manager, to name a few. I will push to remove redundant departments and middle-management positions. 
Cincinnatians are not serfs who can be ordered to pay more taxes to appease the overpaid and financially-irresponsible majority of Progressive Democratic leaders we currently have. 

 I support and aspire to work alongside Chris Smitherman, Charlie Winburn and Amy Murray for Cincinnati City Council in 2014. My support for Cincinnati Mayor in 2014 is for Jim Berns

 I'm asking any person or freedom-loving group: "Put your trust in me". You will not be disappointed. I need 500 petition signatures to be placed on the November ballot for 2014 City Council. With the way the economy has financially crippled families, I will not ask for donations for my campaign, but definitely could use some help with my ground work. If GOD continues to bless my company with work, I intend to provide my money for yard signs and other types of advertisements.     If you want to help, please call 513-623-0124.


  Tim Dornbusch
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